In this section you’ll find information about what’s new in the newer releases of the project.

Release v.0.2

This is the release v.0.2 of medicaltorch ! This is mainly a bug-fix release with many important issues found by users and new tutorials. Thanks a lot for the contributors of this release !

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed issue with missing re import, thanks @cclauss (issue #5);
  • Fixed issue with async/non_blocking keywords, thanks @cclauss (issue #4);
  • Added CircleCI continuous integration for testing;
  • Added a new tutorial, thanks @omarsar (issue #10);
  • Fixed issue with tensorboardx requirement (issue #11);
  • Fixed issue with requirements file (issue #15);
  • Added new tutorial notebook with examples for the DataLoader creation, thanks @MohitTare (issue #13);

Release v.0.1

This is the first release of the project.